About the company

Trucky Inc. started out as a small start-up which focuses on providing the cheapest items to our customers. These items range from unique antiques to everyday life items such as phones.

Over the years we have grown to cater to many different types of customers by providing many different items that can be bought with only a few pennies. All our customers have positive feedback on our services and we continue to make our service even better.

Our goal is direct. To provide the cheapest items you can find in town. Rest assure you can find the best price in Truck Inc..

About the founder

Terry Tee is the CEO of Truck Inc.. He first thought of this idea of starting the company was when he was 20. His passion of collecting antiques drive him to start a company that allows customers to buy antiques online. This idea was supported by many successful entrepreneurs.

In the year 2010, when Mr Tee was 25, he founded Trucky Inc..

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